Lab Week 2013

Posted April 27, 2013
Our biggest Lab Week celebration to date, went off without a hitch!
We had week long contests, daily games, customer giveaways, and great prizes. The games included activities such as a Laboratory "I Spy Game", guess the "H.pylori's" in the 500mL flask, Mystery photo, and a game where people had to match the staffs baby photos with our website head shots! See if you know which employee's picture is seen below!
Each day that a person participated, their name was put into the grand prize raffle, whether or not they got the answer right. If they got the answer right then their name went into the daily raffle. Tomorrow we will be announcing the names that were selected in the grand prize raffle. Each winner has the choice of a specific prize or the cash value of that prize. Pretty sweet deal if you ask us!
This year we also started a new tradition of making lab week t-shirts! Check out the custom design we created at They had great customer service and super fast delivery! We also got little recycled tote bags made with our logo on them.
We hope everyone enjoyed the festivities this year! 
Thanks to everyone who participated!
-Pathlab Team 

# 1 Reason to be a Lab Tech

Posted February 28, 2013
Are you considering a career in the Laboratory field?
Do you have a natural ability to work successfully on your own?
If so, according to's recent article about the 10 least and 10 most stressful jobs of this year, you are in luck!, an internet based career site used to assist people in finding jobs according to their industry, function, and location, compiled this list using a ranking system. 
In their list of 10 Least Stressful Jobs, the # 5 job is a Medical laboratory technician! Who knew that a career within the Pathology field would make the list? 
They state that because of, "no distractions, lab techs, can concentrate on analyzing lab specimens all day."  With a median salary of $46,680 annually, that puts lab techs at the # 5 ranking position! 
I know that in all the pathology labs that we set up, our Lab Techs are happy, friendly, and intelligent people, but I didn't know it was because of lack of stress! 
It's great to know that while we are helping Dermatology, Gastroenterology, and Urology practices internalize their pathology, at the same time we are increasing the number of low-stress related jobs on the East Coast.
Maybe this is biased, what do you think?
Are you a medical lab tech with a highly stressful job?