Laboratory Management

In addition to our eclectic product lines we provide custom lab designs as well as other consultative solutions for the pathology lab. Whether you already have a lab or are interested in converting existing space into a pathology lab, we have solutions for you.

Pathology Lab Solutions provides a single source approach when setting up in-house pathology labs. From initial design and equipment validation to staff hiring and operational guidance, we will handle everything in cooperation with you, to guarantee your satisfaction.

Starting from Scratch?

Are you looking to build a lab? Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment for a site visit. No charge, and at the very least you will learn a great deal about the process.   610.828.7100 or email us at

Already have a lab?

Here are our most common services:

Lab design and construction oversight (we are not a construction company)
IT and software options
Compliant coordination of chemical waste disposal
✔ Purchase of lab equipment (one piece or an entire lab package)
✔ Lab supplies
✔ Set up, validation, and calibration of equipment
✔ Hire and train lab staff
✔ Staff evaluations and competency assessment
✔ Written Lab Manuals: procedure, safety, and QA
✔ Assistance with all lab inspections
✔ Preparation of applications for inspections
✔ Conduct lab inspections and documentation
✔ On-going management according to services agreement