The PathLab Plan

Initial Inquisition

To get the most out of our services, our first step is to set-up an initial lab presentation. Here, someone from our team will explain how the overall development of your lab will take place. They will begin to answer any questions you have about the entire operation, management method, and residual sales process. This phase is crucial in finding out whether an in-house lab will be practical for your practice. To set-up or inquire about an initial presentation please email us at: or call 610-828-7100.

Services Agreement

Assuming you’d like to move forward with us we will prepare a services agreement detailing our services. A deposit is required with the agreement.

Modifications to Services Agreement. 

For your convenience our service agreements are customizable so you can decide on the solutions that are right for you.

Construction & Design

At this stage one of our technical consultants begins to draw out the plans of your future lab. In coordination with local zoning and code officials/architect, we ensure that each design element is compliant and safe for the entire practice.

Lab Packages

We are not a lab equipment company. As such our motives are to find you the best quality supplies and equipment at competitive prices.


As a part of our full service lab set-ups, we implement staffing services to assist with the arduous task of hiring. This will take on any form your HR person would like, from placing the ads, to phone interviews, in-person interviews, resume screening, job descriptions, competency evaluations, etc.


Our staff stays up-to-date with the latest trainings and compliance standards. We provide safety training, OSHA training, equipment training or training for a particular niche testing.

Lab Manuals

Keeping you in line with the latest changes in laboratory regulations, we develop complete customized lab procedure manuals, safety manuals and QI/QA manuals.


Lab regulations are crucial. We assist you in gaining your CLIA certificate of compliance or certificate of accreditation for your lab.


Once your lab goes live, you have the option to continue to use our management services for an extended period of time for the further guarantee of a successful and smoothly running lab. We limit these services to only what is necessary as our motto is, "If you need us to manage your lab too long, then we did not do a good job setting up your lab".