About Us


We are a multi-faceted, growing business located in Conshohocken, PA just miles outside of Philadelphia. 
There are two main facets to our business model: Lab Set-ups and Lab/Medical Supplies.
Lab Set-ups: We work with groups of physicians who are looking to internalize their pathology work and increase profits. The 3 main types of practices that we set up labs in are: Gastroenterology, Dermatology, and Urology offices. First, we assist with the initial design and then oversee the construction of your lab. Then we continue to manage the project through its completion. From assistance with hiring and training staff, purchasing lab equipment and supplies, to ensuring the compliancy of you lab, we do it all.  To see a more detailed breakdown of our services please click here.  
Lab Supplies:  In addition to the sales on this website, we also customize order forms for the labs we set up. We specialize in finding unique pathology supplies and general medical supplies to help meet the many needs of physician offices, medical offices, and other small businesses. Many of our customers call us on a regular basis to ask us to find a specific product they are looking for. We take pride in trying to find the best price possible for these special requests. We strive to offer very reliable and fast shipping through FedEx and we do our best to provide affordable rates to keep your cost down. 
To place an order or speak with one of our team members call: 610.828.7100

Employee Bios 

Rod Glose

Rod Glose, M.Ed., SCT(ASCP)SLS, H  

Rod earned his Bachelor degree in Microbiology and Chemistry and his Master in Science Education. He is a Certified Specialist in Cytotechnology, Lab Safety and a Medical Technologist. Rod brings 24 years of experience to the Pathology Lab Solutions team in every area of the laboratory. His experience as a technologist in a community hospital and a laboratory instructor provide him with the necessary technical knowledge. Administrative skills were acquired as a manager in large a New York City hospital lab and a Medical Officer in the US Army establishing small mobile laboratories during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He brings this vast experience, balanced with his administrative background to provide strong leadership and an innovative management approach to your project. He understands the complexities of a project with the constraints of a budget. Rod brings confidence and an attitude of possibility to your project and is dedicated to the success of your lab, using his expertise to help you achieve it.

Sarah Glose

Sarah Glose  
Marketing Manager

Sarah graduated from Temple University in 2011 where she studied Advertising Research, Account Management and Women's Studies. She has a multi-faceted role at PLS and enjoys all the different dimensions of her job. Although she has had no formal lab training, her experience with PLS has provided her with an array of laboratory knowledge and product know-how. When PLS first started, Sarah took on an administrative role, but then moved into her Marketing position as the business grew and the need arose. Since then, she helped develop the PLS website, social media presence, the PLS Product Catalog and a variety of other creative projects. If you have any products questions or want to talk about fun ideas for an upcoming Lab Week activity, Sarah is your go-to girl! 
Ellen Harrison

Ellen Harrison  
Office Manager

Ellen has thoroughly enjoyed working in the administrative field for years. Her area of expertise includes office management, administration, customer service, sales and marketing. She has also had experience in the trade show arena which she enjoyed very much. At Pathology Lab Solutions, she works very closely with our customers and vendors and values those relationships greatly. As Ellen began taking on the role of Office Manager last fall, she has found it to be very rewarding to be a part of such a unique company. Even over the last few months, Ellen has watched PLS in reaching a tremendous period of growth, and with that growth has come change. Ellen feels very excited to be involved in the PLS team, and for being an integral part of such a strong team of professionals.

Chris Riley

Chris Riley

Chris is the long-awaited, newest employee at Pathology Lab Solutions. While attending Villanova University, Chris earned a bachelors degree in Accounting.  She works in the office performing various duties, including bookkeeping, inventory control, receiving and shipping, accounts receivable, and customer service. As an integral piece of the company, Chris will utilize her financial, organizational, and intellectual skills to help elevate PLS to even greater heights. Everyone is very excited to have Chris on board as the business continues to grow.